Better Sleep

“Sleep is the best meditation.”  Dalai Lama 

A lack of sleep can affect your mental and physical health. Simple changes can radically improve the quality of your sleep but if problems persist please seek medical help to rule out any underlying conditions. 


Stick to regular bedtime and wake up time, even on weekends. 
Create a regular soothing bedtime ritual. 
Avoid naps. 
Make sure you exercise regularly and eat well. 
Ensure your room is cool and free from light. 
Make sure your bed is as comfortable as possible. 
Avoid bright light in the evening but get exposure to daylight in the morning. 
Avoid nicotine, alcohol and heavy meals before bed. 
Use your bed only for sleep and sex. 
Start a sleep diary to spot any patterns of disturbance. 
If anxiety is making sleep difficult address the issues as best you can and understand that good sleep can help with decision making and putting things into perspective. 
Try stress management techniques to reduce an overactive mind. 
If you find it hard to go back to sleep try to achieve a relaxed state not focus on sleep itself. 
Understand that most people underestimate how much sleep they actually get. 
Try not to sleep with pets. 
It is advisable to get up if you really can not sleep and do something unstimulating. 
Listening regularly to the Better Sleep guided meditation by Tame my mind can help relax you into sleep.

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